Three of our cases:
task, making of, results
We would like to introduce you our collaborations with Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin and BMW.
Rolls-Royce Phantom
Task: take a shot of the released Rolls-Royce Phantom near the classic Phantom II (1930).

Making of: shooting only in the hotel hall in the shortest possible period was our prerequisite. We used portable lighting, photographed each car separately and then assembled 30 photos into 1 during postproduction.

Cost: about 6000 euro

Aston Martin DB11

Task: take shots of the brand-new AstonMartin DB11 in a car showroom.

Making of: shooting indoor is challenging due to space and light restrictions. As far as a ceiling was low and there was not enough space to place the light, we used a ceiling and walls as huge reflectors in order to get soft light. A lighting appliance was turned at place opposite a car so reflected light illuminated needed areas. And usual reflectors were used to highlight details.

Cost: about 4000 euro

BMW i3

Task: to show the ambitious futuristic BMW i3 all-electric car as one that fits in both urban Ukrainian cities and rural countryside perfectly well.

Making of: not to look factitious all shots were taken with natural light. Locations and the time of day (early in the morning and late at night) were thoroughly selected to create proper atmosphere.

An artificial light was used only for shooting in front of the restaurant, because natural lighting there was quite poor. 9 photos were shot and combined to imitate the street lights, the light from cars passing by and to to show the BMW i3 to the best advantage.

Cost: about 5000 euro

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