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KLITSCHKO FOUNDATION motivates youth to do the first step moving into adulthood.

"What about the first step? When did it happen? What made you do it? How scary was it to start?

That "First step" is always scary. It's unconfident and very obscure. But if there wasn't a first step, Columbus wouldn't have discovered America, Mark Zuckerberg wouldn't have launched Facebook and Ihor Sikorsky wouldn't have invented helicopter.

First step is a beginning of a big story, so why don't we make it?"
Fashion shooting
Advertising project for Chanel, Accessories Spring-Summer 2016 in UAE
Automobile shooting
Advertising project for BMW i3 in Ukraine
Karl Lagerfeld - Visions of Fashion 2016

IWC, SIHH 2016 – Gala Night

Photoshooting projects
Some of our photography campaigns
Rolls-Royce Phantom advertising campaign
product shooting isaia & F.P.Journe
advertising campaign for
gara summer 2017
social project
"kyiv reads"
Digital project

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