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A modest list of those who trust us.
We'll add some art to your business.
We've been in Ukraine since 2013. We started when there was a crisis in the country and many companies closed. We were comfortable with hryvna at 30 per dollar, the lack of regular customers and the unstable situation in the country.

We do as we think fit, and do as we think best.

Our main specialization is video content, photo content, animation and marketing of the created product. We craft image, according to which you will demonstrate strong name recognition.
How we work
Brief fill
You should download brief, fill it and send to
our email.
Concept development
We will start shooting concept development after receipt of brief.
At the meeting we will present the concept. You emendate and provide feedback.
Scenario approval
In accordance with your requirements we create final scenario and approve it with you.
Directly shooting process
Footage post-editing to the complete product.
Product handover
We will meet and present complete product for use.
Fill the brief
Download – fill in – send to the email
It's always nice to work with Moon Studio team,. A competent team that understands the customer and respects the word "deadline" and makes progresses from work to work. Guys are the best in their business and I really respect them. These guys want and know how to make masterpieces.

Konstantin Degtyaryov
Gent's Club
Guys are amazing! Every time when I see their works and comments to them, I have one thought: "Fuck, why I didn't cook it? Fucking funny!"
Garik Korogotskiy
It is always pleasant to work with professionals who live and are realized in their projects. In every work they give one hundred percent and are available 24/7 - that's worth something. The first impression after the result I saw: l'm proud that in Ukraine we have such a dedicated and solid team.
Arthur and Alyona Golosnye
Mirella Moda
Cooperation with Moon Studio and its creator Dmitry Andreev always inspires, ideas are provocative, but on the verge of elegance. Every time it's like a new novel. And once you try to work with the guys, you already want to do the next project with them. In addition to the creative component, the important role play clarity, coherence and adherence to deadlines. Bravo, guys!
Serge Smolin
It is nice to work with the Moon Studio team! These are real magicians who retain memories on film, so brightly, so vividly, that you enter that time and relive it again. All details are noted, the atmosphere is perfectly transmitted. Simply - bravo and gratitude!
Marusya Oderzhahovskaya
Harper's Bazaar
By all grounds Moon Studio is a professional team. A good creative level is unexpectedly combined with a good pace of work. The skilled business administration of project is to be commended.
Ivan Sibarov
Siluet Studio
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