Fozzy Group.

HR campaign
One of the largest trade and industrial groups in Ukraine, a leading Ukrainian retailer with more than 700 trading stores throughout the country: «Сільпо», Le Silpo, Favore, Fozzy, «Фора» and Thrash!
To develop a video idea, write a script and make shooting. The video must cover all the departments, which provide probation to new employees. The overall visual style is to be targeted at an audience between 23-35 years.
We suggested the idea of a trainee, who evolved passing through each department. Moreover, our hero is changing images and styles, which increases the audience and motivates the viewer to watch the video to the end. To create additional effect, we used the animated doodles that made the video more dynamical and improved its general visual style
We shot pre-roll to YouTube that you can’t stop watching till the very end

When we saw the idea of the videos, we immediately understood how it should be realized visually. Endless shots have their own distinct bright style, and the main character is comical and always hungry

Behind the scenes
Producer /
Dmytro Andrieiev
Director /
Oleksii Horshkov
Creative director /
Iryna Ilchenko
Art director /
Filip Bilianskyi
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Get to know more about us and our experience
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