Intergal-Bud is currently №1 among private developers. Over 18 years, the company built 167 residential buildings with a total area of 4.6 million square meters.
Create a script for a video ad about the company's achievements over 18 years of work, and realize the shooting.
Understanding that the focus of the company lies in the construction of multi-story buildings, we suggested focusing on the geometric frames of the buildings in close-up. Firstly, no one has done this before, secondly, we have a lot of experience in filming complex elements with a drone, and thirdly, this way it will be possible to add subtitles to the video, which will be clearly read.

What was the result of this - see in the video, and we will wait for your preferences :)
The filming of this video was very desirable for us, because we imagined how to beautifully film a house, but still want to do it in real life. Therefore, the shooting was as calm and measured as possible. We got what we hoped for.

Behind the scenes
Producers /
Dmytro Andrieiev
Director /
Oleksii Horshkov
Creativity /
Ira Ilchenko
Account-manager /
Yuliia Andrieieva-Strelkova
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