Viral video «Metallurgists’ Day»
Interpipe – Ukrainian industrial company specializing in production of pipes and wheels for railway.
To create a video to congratulate all the corporation’s employees on their professional holiday – Metallurgists’ Day, which in Ukraine is annually celebrated on the third Sunday of July.
Any company today is, first of all, people. They make sure large machines, boilers and entire factories work. If people are proud of the company they work for, the whole process become much more effective. We came across such people at the corporation's factories. Every single employee considers himself an integral part of a large production and realizes the importance of his work. In the video we demonstrated their sincere emotions: people are proud to be part of Interpipe.
The shooting took place at all corporation’s enterprises. We have kept the same visual style, despite the fact that company’s staff was working on scenes, not professional actors.
Behind the scenes
Producer /
Oleksii Horshkov
Copywriter /
Iryna Ilchenko
Account manager /
Yuliia Andrieieva-Strielkova
Head of content and communication team /
Iryna Stupachenko
Leading expert in content /
Nelia Shevchenko
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