Advertising campaign in reels format
A Ukrainian company producing corporate clothing, 4TEAM, was born in Kharkiv in 2016. After the beginning of the war, they opened a new path for business development - the brand It's a Patch! By the way, with every purchase you make, you donate 20% of the purchase amount to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and support the economy of Ukraine and business.
Develop an advertising campaign for reels and stories that will showcase the full range of a new collection of clothing and accessories. It is also necessary to demonstrate the properties of patches and various formats of their use.
Throughout the centuries of fashion, no one has come up with a better format for its presentation than showcasing. That is why we have made a digital presentation of the 4team clothing collection and its functionality. We will dynamically showcase all the properties and transformations of the clothing in this presentation, and the main task of the viewer will be to answer the question "Who am I today?"

We have a very simple rule: "Limitations are the territory for creativity." In this case, we were limited to one location - a photo studio. Understanding this, we suggested taking several colored backgrounds that would change with each new model outfit.

The great playlist suggested by the DOP added dynamics and mood to the shooting process. The energy with which this video was shot is conveyed through the video itself. That is why we invite you to watch it and also subscribe to our Instagram to be the first to receive a dose of cool advertising.

Behind the scenes
Oleg Ivanov
Copywriter /
Iryna Ilchenko
Producer /
Dmytro Andrieiev
Edit/Сolor /
Artem Ivanov
Denis Kondratiev
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