Brand’s digital campaign
in Youtube 2020
PocketBook manufactures electronic E Ink readers and sells them in more than 40 countries
To implement the idea of image videos’ series that will continue the successful story of "Inside your PocketBook". To preserve key message, atmosphere, style and to motivate the readers to plunge themselves in e-reading
We shot 4 cinematic videos different in their form and genre, but united by one idea. The script of each video consists of two parts, which are separated by a turning point. In the first part, the viewer turns himself to be in a PocketBook – a world of book stories that completely captivates him. Then everything works to change the story – the music stops, the colors turns from cold to warm, the camera’s movement changes. The reality has switched dramatically, so that the reader gets into real life, keeping in his hands an e-book PocketBook
The project involved 120 people, and the shooting has been proceeding for 43 hours with a break for a day. Preparations for shooting took two months, and in time of lockdown – all 9. Actors from all over the country took part in the casting. The characters didn’t have any text, so they had to be able to express the whole range of emotions only with their playing

During the filming, the team used 1,200 masks and 4 liters of antiseptic

New realities give birth to new approaches!
Behind the scenes
Director /
Oleksii Pasichnyk
Producer /
Oleksii Horshkov
General producer /
Dmytro Andriev
Creative team /
Nataliia Khomenko
Oksana Kupriienko
Liuci Sierhieieva
Andrii Furman
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Get to know more about us and our experience

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