The shooting of advertising campaign for TM «Premia»
Silpo is a leading chain of supermarkets throughout Ukraine
Through the video to tell about the additional guarantee’s program from «Premiya», own «Silpo»’s trademark. The company is so confident in the quality of its product that, if the client suddenly does not like something in it, the company is ready to return the money even for half a package
The idea was developed by creative team YES BUT NO AGENCY. Creatively, literally hypnotically, the video shows the key message: «Cool no matter how turn»
We've shot a pre-roll for YouTube that you can’t stop watching till the end

When we saw the idea of the videos, we immediately understood how it should be realized visually. Endless shots have their own distinct bright style, and the main character is comical and always hungry. :)
Behind the scenes
Project manager /
Yuliia Andrieieva-Strelkova
Director /
Oleksii Horshkov
Producer /
Dmytro Andrieiev
Head of advertising department /
Iryna Kochubei
Leading expert from advertising department /
Polina Nezhyvenko
Yes but No Agency
Creativity /
Ira Ilchenko
Art director /
Pasha Romaniuk
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