We implement all the tasks of the company's marketing department.
We can create 2D or 3D animation, or using animated collages shoot a short film. It all depends on your task and vision of creativity.
Advertising companies
We develop an idea and then implement it in a form of video, design, photo or website by our own forces. We can offer 1 idea and so we can 5. It all depends on your task and resources.
We shoot commercials for TV, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. To implement breakthrough ideas, we use the latest technological developments: a drone that accelerates to 120 km/h or an electric ATV for silent pursuit of video’s hero and we gather actors from all over the country. Our team’s flexibility allows you to implement the boldest ideas safely for you and pleasantly for us.
Graphic design
Graphic design. That is what any successful company needs every day. These can be presentations for the leader's speech or illustrations for an article in media. We create branded T-shirts, hoodies, posters for gifts to employees and brand your company's bus so that everyone around understands "Who is Daddy" there.
Last year we made 17 sites and landings for our partners. Individual companies’ projects need them to elaborate targeted traffic. We know how to create a site that your audience will understand and leave their data or application.
Est 2015
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